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Mini-course on quantum foundations

Topics covered: The problems of textbook quantum theory and possible responses to the quantum measurement problem. The formalism of operational quantum theory. Classical statistical with an epistemic restriction. The traditional notion of noncontextuality, the generalized notion of noncontextuality for measurements and preparations. The connection of noncontextuality with locality.
Date: September 1, 2012 Venue: Summer School on Quantum Information, Computing and Control, QuICC 2012, Aberystwyth, Wales

On Causal Explanations of Quantum Correlations

Causal discovery algorithms take as their input facts about correlations among a set of observed variables, and they return as their output causal structures that can account for the correlations. We show that any causal explanation of Bell-inequality-violating correlations must contradict a core principle of these algorithms, namely, that an observed statistical independence between variables should not be explained by fine-tuning of the causal parameters. The fine-tuning criticism applies to all of the standard attempts at causal explanations of Bell correlations, such as superluminal causal influences, superdeterminism, and retrocausation. Nonetheless, we argue that by casting quantum theory as a theory of Bayesian inference, we can generalize the notion of a causal model and salvage a causal explanation of Bell correlations without fine-tuning. Based on arXiv:1208.4119.
Date: July 31, 2013 Venue: The 17th UK and European Meeting on Foundations of Physics Conference, Munich, 2013